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The Performance Analytics model involves performing a detailed baseline assessment of current professional services agreements and/or employment contracts, including an evaluation and analysis of retrospective payment and performance data relative to industry benchmarks and internal performance expectations and developing custom reports and recommendations to better equip all participants in an agreement to clearly define and document expectations and remuneration. 

Performance Analytics

Data Modeling and Benchmarking

Our comprehensive, yet flexible system provides the tools to analyze clinical and financial data using client-specific parameters, industry benchmarks, and other information to develop focused solutions to each client's unique challenges. ESI has the data warehouse, tools and technology to develop a wide variety of customized financial, clinical, and utilization trend reports, including cost of care profiles, utilization patterns, coding compliance and accuracy, and productivity analyses at the individual provider, department, and service line levels. We have the right people, processes, and proprietary technology to design leading edge analytics, such as predictive modeling, population health benchmarking, and patient risk scoring and risk stratification.


+ Decision support tools and analytics

+ Cost of care analyses

+ Data analytics to improve quality and outcomes

Did You Know?

+ Converging relationships between patients, providers, and payers will create both new data needs and new sources of data

+ Medicare aims to have 85% of payments tied to quality or value by 2016

+ At least one large insurer expects to increase the proportion of payments based on outcomes, performance and quality by 20% in 2015


What Our Clients Say

No question it [the ESI CAPS Model] has had a positive impact on recruitment...and on morale for docs, because we can show them what they’re actually doing now. [It] went from a situation where residents were enormously autonomous to a situation where faculty had a real responsibility to…supervise the care of the patient, and we were able to measure what they were doing and whether they were doing it appropriately."

Bruce A. Meyer, M.D., M.B.A.
UT Southwestern
Executive Vice President for Health Systems Affiars
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