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ESI Rx Claims Advisor™ helps pharmacies simplify the prescription claims management process to achieve maximum third-party reimbursement and improve compliance.

ESI Rx Claims Advisor™

Pharmacy Claims Management Made Easy

Maximizing third party reimbursement has never been more important. New drug regulations and decreasing drug margins chip away profitability, leaving pharmacies scrambling to quickly identify revenue opportunities and execute swift actions to recover lost revenue.

ESI Rx Claims Advisor is a real-time pre and post editing (PPE) solution designed to review every claim prior to submission for errors, margin betterment and contract compliance and resubmits corrected claims for an increase in overall profitability/ or improved financial outcomes.

With over 100+ custom edits to create the perfect set of business rules, ESI Rx Claims Advisor ensures claims are submitted with correct ingredient costs, appropriate quantity and package size and appropriateness of DAW code to ensure optimal reimbursement.


+ Tailored suite of business rules

+ Interactive dashboard with key performance metrics

+ Real-time claims validation

Did You Know?

+ Clients realized more than $1.60 reimbursement increase per prescription

+ More than $59,000 in additional AWP reimbursements are realized per quarter

+ More than 300,000 claim submission errors were prevented last year


What Our Clients Say

ESI Rx Claims Advisor is a powerful and simple-to-use solution. Their unique understanding of what a pre/post edit solution should accomplish and their ability to quickly modify the solution for adaptation has far exceeded our expectations. After implementing ESI Rx Claim Advisor, our average monthly revenue has increased by $200,000 with a monthly ROI of 18:1! Quite frankly, one of the best decisions we made this year!

Alex Mansour, MBA
Director of Finance
Henry Ford Ambulatory
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